F​reelance Longarm Quilting


“Simply Fabulous” Longarm Quilting is a mother/daughter venture. The longarming is done by daughter, Tawny Oland, and the estimates, scheduling, pickups and drop offs are done by mom, Diane Rielly. Diane teaches what has been lovingly called the “Scandalous Quilting Monday Class,” and both Diane and Tawny are the hosts of a once a month Sit-n-Sew, offering five hours of quilting with friends, fabulous dinner, dessert, and door prizes through the evening.

Our philosophy and goal with longarming is to provide you with personalized quilting that reflects YOUR style and compliments YOUR piecing...ALWAYS. Your hard work is the star of the show! Our longarm quilting is the tool that allows your quilt to shine!

How we came to be simply fabulous…

For a Christmas present to Diane, Tawny enrolled her in a local quilt class at “Fat Quarters Quilt Shop,” in Vista, Ca. 

The only spot that was open was in a Thursday night quilt class, taught by Susan Gylling, who ignited  Diane’s “quilting fever.” While intimidated at first, she quickly got over her fear of not cutting correctly or piecing with perfection, and she couldn’t get enough of everything to do with quilting!  

Sensing her enthusiasm, Susan, a well-known longarmer in San Diego, encouraged Diane to try longarm quilting for herself. From the second she gripped the machine and started quilting, she was hooked!! From then on, rather than send them off to be quilted, she began renting time on a friends machine to finish the rest of her quilts herself. 

While Tawny has a Bachelors degree in Studio Art from the University of Redlands, studying everything from graphic design and painting, to photography and typography, she had never tried her hand at quilting, so it took the encouragement of Diane, along with Susan, to finally convince her to give it a try, and wouldn't you know it, Tawny was immediately hooked as well! Tawny’s artistic spirit could finally be fully expressed in a new art form called “longarm quilting”!

Her education and talent made the transition to quilting quite simple, and the results were fabulous, thus “Simply Fabulous Longarm Quilting” was born! 

What makes us unique is the ability to capture each clients' unique personality, and have that come to life within the beautiful quilt they have made. We use a classic Gammill machine, with which Tawny utilizes a free-motion quilting technique - each and every stitch is placed with a keen eye and steady hand, nothing is computerized aside from the stitch regulator! This ensures that no pattern will ever be exactly the same, and each quilt will be a unique piece of art.

So whether you choose to have your quilt longarmed in a simple or fabulous design…we go to great lengths to ensure your quilt is exactly what you envision -  truly a work of art and a labor of love!

We count ourselves lucky to be able to consider many of our clients extensions of our family, and among our closest friends! 

Check out our website often to see what is happening within our classes, and what is new with our longarming!


Diane and Tawny