F​reelance Longarm Quilting

​​     The highest form of customization! Quilting turnaround time on these quilts will be a few months. Why? Tawny will personally sketch out her ideas, including you in the process of capturing your vision within the quilt, bringing your ideas to life!

Capturing this vision takes time and planning, even before the quilt is loaded on the machine for longarming. We guarantee the results will make your quilt the treasured heirloom passed down through your family for generations!

 “Modern Quilts,” are Tawny’s favorite types of quilts to longarm. This is where her art truly shines! Often times, the piecing of Modern Quilts lends itself towards a design that is outside of the box, and much “fabulitizing” is needed! You can be as artful and characteristically complicated as you want!

Please take a look at the quilt below, quilted by Tawny when she was eight months pregnant as a birthday gift to Diane for becoming a first time Grandma! 

Another specialty of Tawny's is “Appliqué Quilts,” WOW..what can we say!!! First of all, we know appliqué quilts can take up to years to complete! Before you even hand them off to a longarmer, these quilts themselves are already a work of art! 

Quilting these types of quilts begins with a couple questions:

First, we will ask you if you would like the quilting to be simple or fabulous. A lot of times, clients just prefer stippling over the entire quilt, allowing the appliqué to be the star, while other times, there is a lot of negative space within which they would like Tawny to design something to pull the quilt together.

Next, we will ask if you would like us to go over the Applique. Any area we do not quilt over, including your appliqué, there is a high probability that the area will appear poofy. As a result,we always suggest going over the appliqué or, if it is possible, echoing around the shape, to ensure a consistent look across the quilt. 

Always keep in mind that the more quilting you have, the heavier your quilt will be! Customized/fabulous quilts complete and compliment the time and effort you spent on the piecing process.

Contact us today for a full understanding of the breadth of Tawny's talents!