Most of the time our clients give us a complete creative license to come up with the longarm design we believe best compliments their quilt. Tawny loves that!!! We are often asked how we come up with our ideas…so here is our process…

In keeping with the idea that your piecing should be the shining star, we first take a look at the quilt top as a whole and ask ourselves…

Is the piecing busy, complex, or a statement on its own?

If the answer is yes, the longarming should be “simple.” For quilts such as these, you do not need a complicated design, because on quilts such as these, the quilting most likely will not stand out against the backdrop of your piecing. 

“Stippling,” is the least obtrusive design, visually. The oldest and simplest design in the quilting world still works! Don’t think that stippling is boring! Tawny's free motion stippling is constantly being complimented for its consistency and spacing. Please take a look at her stippling to see for yourselves that even the most modern of quilts can come to life with just stippling! 

“Modern Bubbles,” is another design that is simple, yet has lots of character and fun! Our second most requested design, this is a great alternative for clients wanting more than stippling, but nothing too complicated.

These are just 2 among many of our "simple" designs. Contact us today for the full range of options!

F​reelance Longarm Quilting